Day One (sort of)

Eek! I’m so excited!!!!

OK, where to begin? And, I’m sorry in advance if this post is a little “rambly.”

giphyGIF source

Yesterday we officially started our first IVF cycle!!

The very beginning isn’t anything really fancy. I started taking birth control pills and baby aspirin. The real “fun” (i.e. the injections) doesn’t start for another couple of weeks.

But even though the real meds don’t start until July 1st, yesterday still felt like the beginning.

We have waited a long time to start this leg of our journey! We started trying in 2008. We had a miscarriage in 2009 and then went through IUIs throughout 2009-2011. When things still weren’t going as we hoped, we talked about IVF but decided it was too expensive at the time to move forward with the process.

Now, 7 years, 3 homes, 4 dogs, and numerous jobs later…it’s time!

To say my mind is racing is a serious understatement to the way I am feeling right now!


Here’s a little about what is to come for our cycle:

  • June 12 – 26th – Taking birth control and baby aspirin; on the 26th I will stop the birth control, but continue taking the baby aspirin
  • June 27th – Trial Transfer – an ultrasound to check my uterus; they will also be checking my egg quality and doing a semen analysis on hubby
  • July 1st – Injections start – I will start with 2 injections a day and move to 3 a day at some point
  • July 5th and 8th – Ultrasounds and bloodwork to see how things are progressing and alter meds if needed
  • Week of July 10th – Retrieval Week!! (the specific date will be based on the results of the ultrasounds and bloodwork from July 5th and 8th)
  • Week of July 16th – Transfer Week!! (the specific date will be based on the results of the retrieval)

We still have a bit of an uncertain, probably winding road, ahead of us, but it feels so AMAZING to say:



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