The Journey – Week 7

This is not a post I am looking forward to. Why? Because I have not followed through on my commitments. I started this journey back in April, 7 weeks ago.

For 2 weeks I was consistent about posting and working towards my goals. I had set a Bible Study Goal, an Eating Goal, and an Exercise Goal. While I may not have achieved my goals each week, I was at least being consistent about working towards them.

Then, I let my emotions get the better of me and I started feeling down about not being successful. And then I just quit…

I quit focusing on my goals.

I quit updating my goals.

I quit working towards achieving my goals.

I quit blogging about my goals.

But, I didn’t quit everything. I have been spending time with God by working through Love God Greatly’s study of the book of Ruth. I have learned some incredible things through this study.

I learned that Jesus is my Redeemer. That I wasn’t redeemed because of what I did or didn’t do, but because God loves me.

I learned that quitting doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Redemption can come from quitting.

A lot has happened since my week 2 post. I just need to decide where I am going from here. Am I going to stay in this place of not achieving my goals or am I going to strap in, do a little praying, and put my energy and efforts back where they belong?

Hopefully you know where this is headed…I’m strapping in!

Bible Study Goal

The Love God Greatly study of the book of Ruth ended this past Friday. Since the next study doesn’t start until June 12th, I have decided to use the 2 weeks in between to do a Scripture Writing Challenge. I found a 30 Day Scripture Writing Plan on JOY and PEACE over at Heart Treasures Blog. My goal for this week is to work through 2 days of the plan each day.

Eating Goal

I’ve decided I need to focus on less things at a time. So, this week my goal is to cut out soda and alcohol.

Exercise Goal

Spend 20 minutes each day doing a video for the new equipment Jason just bought us – kettlebells and a step (think step aerobics).

Father, thank You for reminding me of the commitment I made. Thank You for helping me keep a positive outlook…not focusing on what I haven’t accomplished, but focusing on the possibilities that are ahead. Thank You for never leaving my side, even when I fall short. Thank You for Your grace that picks me up and sets me back on the right path again. Help me take each moment as it comes, not worrying about tomorrow, but focusing on today. Order my steps so that I am able to achieve the goals I have set. Show me when my goals are not in line with the path You have planned for my life. Through all of this, my heart’s desire is to draw closer to You, to grow in my knowledge of You, and to help others do the same. In Jesus’s name, amen.



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